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Face Surgeries

Facial Surgeries are not just meant to make you look younger but can also be considered for constructive purpose as well as to get a sculpted look. There are a lot of things on which we can compromise in life, but our face shouldn’t be one of them. Well, who doesn’t like sharp features and an overall balanced look. Dr. Shilpi Bhadani is an experienced plastic surgeon who specializes in a wide range of treatments including facelift, brow lift, lip surgery, blepharoplasty, and rhinoplasty etc. The advantage of consulting an expert surgeon is that you don’t have to worry about any risks or side-effects. Dr. Shilpi Bhadani helps you attain a more balanced facial profile while extending optimum care and comfort.
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Body & Chest

Who doesn’t want a perfectly shaped body? In today’s time, men and women both are equally concerned about their fitness and how they look. How we look affects how we feel about ourselves to a large extent. Although everybody is not blessed with a perfect body shape but the advanced surgical procedures make it possible for you to achieve the desired shape and size. If you have any doubts about the surgery you need or not sure about which surgery will be more appropriate to treat a specific problem, you can always seek guidance from Dr. Shilpi Bhadani.
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Hair Treatment

Nobody really pays attention that our hair deserves unless it starts falling. Your hair deserves love and pampering too just like your skin. Hair roots are very responsive to the bodily changes and if anything goes wrong in the body, it might lead to hair fall. An unhealthy diet, hair products with harmful chemicals, styling etc. can leave you with dry and brittle hair. In many cases, we are not even aware that the hair products which claim to provide thicker, softer and shinier hair; are actually damaging it and ultimately causing hair fall. An effective hair transplant treatment such as FUE and FUT can help you retain healthy hair making you feel more confident about yourself.
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Laser Treatment

Today in the tech savvy world, laser has made a huge impact especially in the medical industry. Laser hair removal is a quick, easy and painless procedure that destroys unwanted hair and prevents future hair growth. Whenever you are considering a laser hair removal treatment, it is important to get it done by a trained doctor to avoid unnecessary complications. Laser treatment has also been proven very effective for pigmentation, scar and tattoo removal.
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Anti Aging

We desire to look young and have a healthy skin but aging happens to everyone. With aging, one starts noticing fine lines and wrinkles on their face and the ravishing facial glow disappears. As we grow older, usually the regenerating capabilities of our skin slows down making it look dull and sagged. Dr. Shilpi Bhadani believes that it is important to treat every individual case differently when it comes to aging. Anti-aging treatments that are customized to patient’s needs can be of great help to enhance their skin’s beauty, fill wrinkles, boost natural collagen production and tighten the sagging skin.
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