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Acne Laser

Acne occurs when pores get clogged with dirt, excessive oil, and bacteria. Skin soon reacts to these pollutants and we get acne inflammation. If the bacteria invades deeper layers or the surrounding skin then it will result in larger lesions. At SB Aesthetics, we have the latest Acne Laser to treat these problems effectively

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Laser For Pigmentation

The variation in the colors of skin in the human race is mainly due to genetics. The skin color is determined by the amount of melanin present in the skin cells

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Laser Hair Reduction

What is Laser Hair Reduction? It is a procedure that is done to reduce the hair growth on a particular part of the body with the help of laser lights. The most common areas considered for laser hair reduction are the face, hands, legs, armpits or underarms, back, chest, bikini line and pubic area

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Laser Toning

Laser toning improves the colour and the texture of the skin. Laser toning literally means the evening out of facial or body pigmentations leading to a more uniform and less pigmented skin. It is carried out to correct facial pigmentations that can arise from melasma, sun-spots, open pores, tanning and in general instant brightening of the facial skin and other body parts resulting from the treatment. This procedure has minimal or no downtime associated with it. It can help correct stubborn pigmentary changes. When done regularly it also promotes the dermal collagen production and helps fight the early signs of aging and delays it.

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Microneedling has become a global trend in the beauty industry. It has been proven to treat many skin-related issues. Even women and men with good skin have tried out microneedling to keep their skin healthy, firm and younger looking...

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