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Aging signs start appearing around our eyes first.
Because the skin around our eyes is thin as compared to the rest of the face and body. One will start noticing fine lines, loose and sagging upper lids and puffy under eye bags. This is because the tissues lose elasticity over time and separate under the skin. As the skin is thin in this area, veins and scattered muscles are prominently visible.
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Chin Lift

With weight gain, obesity, hormonal imbalance etc. an extra layer of fat is deposited under our chin, causing submental fullness. This double chin gives a rounder and swollen appearance to the entire facial profile. As we age, there is fat deposition around the lower face to the clavicular region. There is a loss of fat in the upper facial region and fat accumulation in the lower half visible as a double chin. Also, as there is poor blood and lymphatic circulation, it will make you look older.
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Face lift is also called Rhytidectomy. Every year scores of patients opt for this procedure to reverse the aging clock. In today’s times, all the anti-aging procedures available across all procedures are compared to a face-lift when comparing the results. This surgery is the gold-standard of all anti-aging procedures. It can correct, midface sagging, jowls, neck folds, double chin, marionette lines folds and wrinkles on the face in one surgery. It is also cost-effective in terms of total money invested for the rejuvenation procedure.
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Lip Surgery

For people of Asian ethnicity, Lip reduction is a most sought-after procedure. The ideal upper lip to lower lip ratio is 1:2. Generally, both the lips are reduced to bring the lips in proportion, but the significant reduction is in the lower lip. It is specifically to take care of the outward turned lower lip.
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A Rhinoplasty improves the shape of the nose. It is more popularly called as ‘Nose job’ and is also one of the most common Cosmetic Surgeries performed around the world. The nose is a very prominent feature of the face and attracts a lot of attention when we interact with the people. A crooked or a deformed nose is a blow to one’s confidence and one often spends a lot of time worrying about its shape and size. A rhinoplasty can correct most of the deformities in the nose and make a nose look more harmonious with one’s face...
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