Timing of Rhinoplasty
Timing of Rhinoplasty

May 29, 2020

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common surgeries among all Cosmetic surgeries. There are many people who are unhappy with the way their nose looks. Some of them would want a reduction in the size of the nose while others would like to have their noses made more prominent.

The population in the Indian subcontinent presents a diverse variety of noses and thus the treatment is varied too.

The shape of the nose changes little with time naturally.

The shape of our noses is determined by genetic factors and heredity the most. We can do little to change that. People who have had major trauma to the nose in adulthood or who have even insignificant trauma in childhood may present with the deformed shape of the nose which may need correction.

What is the ideal age for rhinoplasty or nose job?
The ideal age for a cosmetic rhinoplasty where it is done mostly for correcting a hump on the nose, making the nose tip sharp, making the nose finer, making the nose less broad, decreasing the downturn of the tip or upturning the nose tip is after 18 years of age.
Most of the changes in the nose until this time are permanent and are not likely to improve with advancing age.

Cleft lip Rhinoplasty
There is another variety of rhinoplasty where the operations can be had earlier in life because these are mostly reconstructive in nature. These could be rhinoplasty of a cleft lip or palate condition or rhinoplasty after trauma.
In cleft lip noses the first rhinoplasty where minor adjustments are made can be done as early as 5 years of age or the school-going age.
Another timing for the rhinoplasty in cleft lip noses is around the age of 13-15 years.

Post-trauma Rhinoplasty
Ideally, this should be dealt with at the same time rather than delaying it further. However, many a times there is poly trauma or trauma to the other parts of the body which need more care and attention. At these instances, one can get the shape of the nose corrected later too.
Six months is a good time to heal from a trauma to the nose and after this one can consider a rhinoplasty. However, there is no harm in waiting for around a year before this problem is addressed.

When should I get my Rhinoplasty done before a major social event?
From any major rhinoplasty surgery, tissues take about 6-8 months to heal completely. Ideally speaking one should consider doing a major rhinoplasty about 6 months away from a major social event so that nose would have settled largely.
It is very common for Plastic surgeons to get a request to address the shape of the nose a month or two months before marriage or engagement. In such cases, it is not that one cannot do the surgery at these times but the refined results take time to appear.

When will I see the change in the shape of my nose?
In major rhinoplasties, one can see the change even 10 days after the rhinoplasty.
People have gotten the surgeries done even three weeks before a major social event but the tissues are bound to be a bit thickened around this time. Final results take time to appear.

If one is considering rhinoplasty, they should be careful about the timing. Give at least 4-6 weeks to heal. Take time off work to help heal the tissues better. Plan in advance so to enjoy the results in a better manner.

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