Love Handles Liposuction
Love Handles Liposuction

May 29, 2020 Blogs

Love-handles are the bulge of the fat deposit that is seen protruding from the sides of the waist region. People with prominent love-handles tend to look wider or broader around the waist area. Slimming this area can lead to a pleasing change in the body contour.

Liposuction is a successful body shaping procedure and that is what makes it an obvious choice for people to get in shape. Ideally one should be near his or her ideal body weight when one is considering it as a shaping procedure. Weight loss targeted with liposuction is usually done to de-bulk the area and massive reductions are always a challenge in terms of results as well as safety.

A very popular area for liposuction in males is the love handles liposuction. Quite a few men would consider getting rid of their love handles by this procedure and it is a lasting procedure with good results. The silhouette change is pleasing and gives the body a better overall contour.

Is Liposuction safe?
Liposuction has high satisfaction and safety rate. In the hands of a board-certified surgeon, complications are rare. There is swelling and bruising expected from the procedure which usually settles down in a few weeks. One can resume his/her daily routine in a couple of days following limited area liposuctions. Love handles typically need expertise because this area has high revision rates. Also, the edema or swelling around this area will take longer to subside and show results.

When can I see the results of my love-handles liposuction?
The results for major reductions are visible almost instantaneously. For smaller reductions, the swelling may camouflage the results for the initial 2-3 weeks and as the swelling starts to settle down, one can appreciate the change in contours. Ideally one should start seeing a good change from the 6th week onwards.

What is the ideal time to get this done?
One should be following some diet and lifestyle regimen when they decide for this procedure so that they can go back to doing the same things after it. This will ensure that one retains the results for a longer duration or lifelong.

Will I need to exercise after the liposuction?
Yes, definitely. One should exercise to maintain the results because as one gains weight after the procedure, slowly and steadily the fat deposits may come back. However, it is rare to have a total reversal of the procedure with minor fluctuations in weight.

When can I go back to exercising after my love handle area liposuction?
One can go back to exercising in 3 weeks time. Some people may take longer too.

Can I undergo the procedure another time in the same area if I am unsatisfied?
Yes, one can have revision liposuction of the love-handle area if they haven’t got the desired results from the first procedure. The ideal waiting time to get this done is 6 months after the first procedure, however, seek the help of the plastic surgeon in deciding the timing of such intervention. One may be able to address this earlier around 3 months after the procedure as well.

Important points to remember for you Love-handle liposuction

This is a resistant area of fat.
The fat in this area is tough and traditional methods of liposuction may not suffice.
The area remains swollen for a longer duration and results may take longer than expected to show.
The area may remain tender for a longer time and one may find it difficult to sleep on the sides for a few days.
Hardening of the areas of liposuction is a natural response of the body and as the tissues heal from the inside this will soften over due course of time.

If one is considering getting a better shape with the help of liposuction, they can contact our office or book an appointment at SB Aesthetics in Gurugram.

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