Getting Rid Of The Nose Hump
Getting Rid Of The Nose Hump

May 29, 2020 Blogs

Humps on the nose are one of the most common causes of undergoing a Rhinoplasty.

Why do nose humps occur?
Our noses are made up of bones, cartilage, and soft tissues. The nose is like a pyramid which stands on a pillar called the nasal septum. This nasal septum is made up of cartilage and its main job is to keep the nose pyramid standing erect.
In cases of trauma where the nose suffers trauma to the septum the nose bridge collapses or undergoes a bend.

Some people have an outgrowth of this septum during their development and this can cause a hump.
The uppermost part of the nose is formed of bone and this can also be the cause of the hump that is present.
In most of the cases, it is a combined bony and nasal hump that is present.

Will my nose hump go down with time?
Most likely not. The hump treatment for a nose needs a surgical solution if one desires a complete and permanent treatment.

When should I have the surgery?
Rhinoplasty surgery can be had anytime after one has attained the age of 18 years. You are likely to maintain the results of the surgery permanently.

Is bed rest required?
Bed rest is usually not required. This surgery or for that matter any rhinoplasty surgery is best done under general anesthesia and once the patient returns home which is most likely a day after the surgery, he/she can be up and about. Bed rest is not mandatory. However, one should be well-rested for better healing.

Will my rhinoplasty be open surgery or closed surgery?
The treatment of the hump of the nose has undergone a paradigm shift and most Plastic Surgeons will advise going for open surgery to address the same unless it is a small hump that one is worried about. In open surgery, the tissue of the hump is removed under vision and reconstruction of the nose is done under vision. In closed surgeries, it is a blind approach and the hump is chiseled down, it can leave an open deformity on the bridge of the nose which may not lead to desirable cosmetic outcomes and can also cause a functional problem later on. However, on a case to case basis, some surgeons may prefer the closed approach on the open one.

When can I see the results?
The results of the surgery can be seen immediately once the dressings come off for large hump reductions. For small reductions, one may need to wait for a few weeks until the swelling subsides. However, one must bear in mind that the skin of the nose needs some time after the surgery to settle down and final results are much better than the initial look.

Can I get a nose like my favorite celebrity?
The nose is a very typical feature and a very prominent one on one’s face. It is not true that if one opts for their favorite celebrity’s nose it would look good on them too. Every nose is different and the characteristics have to go with overall personality. One should desire to have the best shape and projection for the face rather than having someone else’s feature copied on their face.

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