Facial Rejuvenation for Men
Facial Rejuvenation for Men

May 29, 2020 Blogs

The facial rejuvenation industry is seeing a big boom and that is owing to the various methods available across the skincare industry.
While this is mostly sought after by women, we are definitely seeing an increase in the number of males that come asking for skin treatments and what they can do to feel fresher, brighter, less tired, and less aged.
The lines around the face bother the males as much as females.
While the products used in both genders are essentially the same, the male skin and face do need a different approach.

What all can be done to rejuvenate the male face?

1. Skin treatments

Having in-clinic skin treatments definitely has an edge over the in-house creams and lotions.
A once-in-a-month skincare treatment in the clinic goes a long way in maintaining one’s skin and keeps many problems at bay.
One can have a variety of skin treatments according to the skin type and problems that are identified. Usually, skin treatments will need a few sessions to bring out great results. Taken regularly over a period of time along with the prescribed skincare routine goes a long way in delaying ageing.

2. Fine lines and wrinkles
Fine lines and wrinkles are an ever-increasing problem and they are more so in the urban population with a stressful lifestyle and long work hours that one puts in. Longer screen time is also a very important contributory factor.
While the skin treatments help in getting fine lines and wrinkles improved slowly, anti-wrinkle injections are really the wonder-drugs that work like magic. They typically need to be taken once in six months. They not only treat the existing wrinkles and fine lines but prevent them from forming as well.

3. Sagging skin
Sagging skin is eventually faced by everyone. It gives the lower half of the face a heavy look and makes one look older and tired. The skin around the eyes, the skin around the lower face, double chin, all these problems can have surgical as well as non-surgical solutions. From deep ultrasound treatment for face and neck lift to fat dissolving injections to fillers, all these can be used to give one a sculpted look.

The basis of a healthy look is a healthy lifestyle. One needs to follow a good diet and exercise routine to continue enjoying long-lasting youth.
The treatments for males have to be customized a lot more than the females and the subtleness of the treatment is to be maintained. The downtime is also a significant factor to consider in the male faces.

We specialize in male skin treatments and customize the treatments to keep the results natural, safe and long-lasting.

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