Changing the Chest Implants
Changing the Chest Implants

May 29, 2020 Blogs

The ISAPS records chest augmentation surgery by implants as one of the most common Cosmetic surgery worldwide. There have been various changes in the concept of implants for the chest over the years. The safety of the procedure of chest augmentation with implants is always being updated and as Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons we keep a chest with the developing technologies so that we can deliver the best to the patients.

Before opting for chest implants

One should always have a thorough consultation with the Plastic Surgeon before one decides to get chest implants done.

Most of the well-qualified Plastic Surgeons will let the patient know that one needs to change the implants every 10-12 years because over time the shell of the implant becomes weak and there are more chances of rupture as the duration of implant crosses 10 years.

Is the process of implant change tedious?

The process to change the implants is a simple one usually and it is best to go back to the same surgeon but a qualified Plastic Surgeon nearby can also help.

When the implants have been placed underneath the chest glands, the chest tissue may undergo stretching over a period of time and when you get the implants exchanged, the surgeon may advise for a chest lift along with an implant change. In many cases, without undergoing a chest lift procedure, simply changing the implant for a bigger size may also do the job.

Opting for a chest lift along with implant change gives a fuller and firmer looking chests because implants or no implants, chests naturally sag over time.

The process of implant change requires less downtime than the first procedure because it will most often be the same pocket that is utilized and fresh pocket dissection for implant placement doesn’t need to be done.

There has been a scare of cancer with chest implants, what if I want to change my chest implant earlier?

Advisories have been issued against the use of textured implants in many countries. The textured chest implants have been linked to a variety of lymphoma which is detectable and treatable.

One need not change or remove the chest implants for the scare of chest cancer. Keep in touch with the Plastic surgeon to get check-ups regularly. As a routine too, even for women who don’t have implants an annual chest check-up is recommended after 40 years of age.

The current generation of Chest implants has been deemed safe without the risk of any cancer associated with them.

Do I have the option of removing my chest implants totally? How will it impact my chest shape?

Removing chest implants is always an option. One will have to be prepared in their mind for the changes that will take place. Fat grafting or fat graft with a chest lift can be the option to restructure the chests. This may require more than one session but a patient’s own body fat can be utilized to achieve a decent result.

I feel a strange sensation around my chests, I fear it may be a leak? Should I change my implants?

It is best to consult a Plastic surgeon for this. By examination and a few investigations, it will be clear if there is a leak.

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