10 Points To Know Before Getting Lip Fillers
10 Points To Know Before Getting Lip Fillers

May 29, 2020 Blogs

Lip fillers are always increasing in demand and the reason for them being so popular lies in the instant beauty they provide to the lips. Lip fillers are very popular among the younger and older population because fuller lips are a sign of beauty and youth.

However, the recent trend of getting a lip-filler injected by untrained professionals e.g. salon therapists and the likes is on the rise which poses substantial danger and can lead to devastating complications that one may repent for life.

What are the points one must keep in mind before getting lip-fillers done?

1. Are you a good candidate?
Any trained professional like a Plastic Surgeon or a dermatologist will always start by taking your basic medical history and rule out any condition that makes one unsuitable for getting a lip filler. If you take aspirin or any anticoagulants then you may need to stop the medication before you get any procedure done for your lips.

2. What are lip fillers?
Lip fillers or derma-fillers are hyaluronic acid gels which are packaged in a sterile syringe and are injected using small fine needles or cannula. HA gels are slowly dissolved in the body by an enzyme called hyaluronidase which is naturally present in our body.

3. How much can I get in one go?
Lip fillers are measured in ml (millilitres).
On average sized lips 1 ml is good to go. If you would like to have fuller lips, you may get a top-up filler in 3-4 weeks.

4. Is the procedure painful?
Lip fillers are done after numbing the lips, a numbing cream is applied on the lips and left
for about half an hour. This helps in decreasing the injection pain and most people are comfortable and pain free during the procedure. For people who are very scared of the pain, we can also opt for numbing the nerves to the lips by intraoral injections like in the dental procedures. All in all, pain is not a big deal but injection technique also plays a major role.

At SB Aesthetics,Dr. Shilpi Bhadani, takes the utmost care to make her patients comfortable during the procedure.

5. Will there be swelling after lip fillers?
Some swelling after lip-fillers is natural. The swelling begins to subside in a couple of  days. Applying ice packs will help. A few anti swelling medications may help too.

6. How long will my result last?
Lip filler results typically last anytime from 9 months to a year. Some people who are slow metabolizers of the fillers can have them last for longer. If you exercise a lot, it may reduce a little earlier, however, most of the fillers (if we are considering standard brands) last for a good 9 months to a year or sometimes more.

At SB Aesthetics, which is one of the most renowned skin and plastic surgery clinics in Gurugram, you can rest assured that we use the best brands only. Dr. Shilpi truly believes that the results start with choice of the right patient and the right products.

7. When can I wear lipstick after my lip fillers?
It would be best to avoid wearing makeup on the lip for at least till 24 hours after your procedure. You should also avoid very hot drinks on the day of your filler. After a day, you are good to go with make-up, however, you wouldn’t want to put anything else other than gloss because your lips would already look so good with the filler!

8. What if I don’t like the result or I feel it is overdone?
Well, that is quite unlikely to happen if you have it done from a reputed place and a trained practitioner. However, if you do not like your result or you would want it reduced a little, you can always go for the dissolving injections. These are injections to dissolve the filler and the volume of the filler comes down in about 2 hrs to 48 hrs.

9. Can I have my lips increased significantly by fillers like the celebrities?
If you would like to increase the lips by a significant volume, you should go slow. Have the top ups done at intervals and don’t push for more and more in one session.

10. How do I choose my injector?
In a sea of people offering the same, it can get confusing. Do some research. Read reviews, fix up an appointment and have a consultation with the specialist before you take a decision. Before and after pictures will also help you in your decision. The best practitioner is one who hand-holds you through the procedure and explains to you about the risks and benefits.

To fix up an appointment with Dr. Shilpi Bhadani for lip fillers you can call us on 8130134693 or email on info@drshilpibhadani.com

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