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Lip fillers are always increasing in demand and the reason for them being so popular lies in the instant beauty they provide to the lips. Lip fillers are very popular among the younger and older population because fuller lips are a sign of beauty and youth. However, the recent trend of getting a lip-filler injected […]
Got a filler injected on your face or elsewhere? Wondering about the Dos and Don’ts after your fillers? Here are 10 points which you should avoid to have the best results from your filler. 1. Avoid washing your face with normal tap water on the day of the filler. Well, it is controversial but tap […]
Struggle with the loose tummy after pregnancy and childbirth can become a constant factor in many women’s lives. Some are absolutely comfortable with the loose hanging tummy and continue with their lives normally but for many women this becomes a problem statement in their daily lives. Making the decision for a surgery is a crucial […]
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